Local Health Commissioning

YST Local Health Commissioning
We have been pioneering new ways of using sport to ensure that we address the alarming decline in children's physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Our local commissioning work is a key driver to achieving this with diverse and innovative approaches being led by collaborations across all sectors.

The public health commissioning landscape is moving to a 'sustainability and transformation' model driven by the NHS 5 Year Forward View and investment to prevent issues such as, mental health, obesity, diabetes and improve social mobility. The future health and wellbeing of young people will require early intervention to their physical, social and emotional wellbeing needs, which the YST has been pioneering through its Active Healthy Minds approach.

We are committed to providing strategic leadership in localities through our Field Team, bringing thought-leading solutions, creating sustainable networks and working in partnership to bring about transformational change in your local communities.

What is Active Healthy Minds?

Active Healthy Minds is the Youth Sport Trust's approach to creating sustainable change in schools and communities for the benefit of young people's physical, social and emotional wellbeing. It is a tried and tested blueprint that ensures we get the right programmes to the right young people in a way that builds capacity and sustains impact.

The Youth Sport Trust have vast experience in helping commissioners access schools through physical education, sport and physical activity. We have expertise and a track record in brokering relationships and opening up schools to work in partnership with public health and other partners.

Working with us will help unlock our insight and understanding of:

  1. The needs of children and young people, their motivations, barriers and aspirations to leading a healthy and successful life
  2. The key issues in schools and what is leading to this decline in wellbeing and achievement
  3. What works to improve young peoples' physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

To view our existing resources and ongoing programmes in this area please visit:

  • Healthy Movers - a suite of resources and training to support practitioners and families in ensuring every child is physically literate.
  • Lancashire Active Healthy Minds
  • Northants Active Healthy Minds

Or for more information and to get involved please utilise the links below. 

What we offer

YST Active Healthy Minds is a collaborative approach working with local partners and delivered through schools. Schools are powerful vehicles to engage those children most in need, suffering from inequality and requiring wellbeing support.
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What we can achieve

We pride ourselves on taking positive action to bring about sustainable change in children's wellbeing. We use play, PE and sport as the vehicle to open doors and support their progression.
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